21 dic. 2012

Why I don't believe in Signing that Petition for Gun Control

Xiomara J. Pages

December 17, 2012

        We are saddened, we  are mourning the Connecticut School  tragedy.  The whole world  is still in shock  with our grief,   but  grief  has several states, and shock is the first one.  Then comes  concern,  we talk about it,  can not think of anything else.  Depression  follows  with tears, anger,  despair, and finally acceptance of the cruel reality  and a resolution to do something about what has happened.     

        But signing that petition for Gun Control, will not prevent  the wrong people to get  the guns.    I believe in a more conscientious control of guns, checking who buys  them, and what type  of guns;  what their mental state is.  Check them, like we check in any other situation, to  rent or buy a house, to get a credit line, or to even  simply work at a McDonald's, etc...

        But do not deprive people of having guns for protection. I know of families who have protected their families against a crime or a theft, from someone assaulting them or their home. Unfortunately, others are careless with their guns, and children at home can reach them, resulting in fatal accidents.

        The 2nd amendment of the Constitution was made for citizens, to protect themselves against the government...in case this will abuse its power, and will not care for the security of the people.. We have seen this in totalitarian countries like my native Cuba...where Castro took away all kinds of guns and weapons, with the sole intention of controlling  people, leaving them without protection against his military state of Communism ...that's why ...

        But I believe there are groups taking advantages of this tragedy to carry out their agenda...that's why I don't believe in this..   If we ban guns, then let's ban cars, kitchen knives, and even cut our hands, since serial killers use them to strangle their victims ( like E. De Miranda, a journalist friend shared with me)...

        Also, another girlfriend and I , were discussing the fact that we regular citizens are good to pay taxes, but not to be protected, not to have security?... all Federal places are protected. Federal employees and their children are protected.  You have to go through the Security Arches to detect guns and so forth in Airports, Courthouses, etc. all federal places... BUT ... Why not in hospitals, movie theaters, schools?..... and where are the School Securities?

        This is my honest and humble opinion, with the best intentions in this free country that we love and where we live.   I don't believe in signing this petition, but thank you anyway, for asking.    I know we are trying to find solutions to avoid future happenings like this.  

         We just have to work together to avoid these tragedies, but we have to be careful not to follow the wrong crowd, and especially, to teach our kids about God, Values, Respect, Service to  their fellow men,  without so  much Violence everywhere, including video games and movies,  and also paying attention and helping those with Mental Illnesses,  or Disabilities, since Jail is not the answer for these people, but Health institutions that really help them and their worried families.

        If  you disagree with me, It is fine too.  I know we as a nation, are all grieving.  We are all trying to do our best  for our beloved country.  This is not a confrontation with anyone.   We agree to disagree.  We are privileged to live in The United States of America, a great country,  in spite of all  its  pitfalls. 

May God bless and protect us all,

Xiomara J. Pages

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